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Birthdate:Dec 15
Location:Alabama, United States of America

A cup of coffee - real coffee - home-browned, home ground, home made, that comes to you dark as a hazel-eye, but changes to a golden bronze as you temper it with cream that never cheated, but was real cream from its birth, thick, tenderly yellow, perfectly sweet, neither lumpy nor frothing on the Java: such a cup of coffee is a match for twenty blue devils and will exorcise them all.
-Henry Ward Beecher

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[personal profile] isarma regarding childbirth and infant feeding:
"What most people don't get is this: It is a women's rights issue. It is a feminist issue. It is about a woman having the right to informed consent in regards to her body. They can't "choose" not really, when all the choices are clouded and biased, when marketing is everywhere and it's about the bottom line. Breastfeeding doesn't make nearly as much money as formula. Natural birth doesn't make nearly as much money as epidurals."

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