My paypal is overdrawn, so I don't feel comfortable selling outside the local area right now. I don't have the cash to cover shipping, and I wouldn't want to render somebody unable to get their items.

I am, however, selling a WHOLE BUNCH OF BABY STUFF. I can deliver smaller items within the Metro Atlanta or Mobile, AL areas (where I am now, and where I am moving shortly), but larger items would more than likely require pickup (though I can see if I can get help delivering larger items. It's not a guarantee).

For sale:

Simplicity Aspen 4-in-1 crib and mattress (crib only. The converting hardware was lost in a move, unfortunately). $50 OBO (pine color)
Pine color changing table - $25 OBO

Deliver, Atlanta area only:
Evenflo High Chair - $20 OBO
Graco Luv-N-Hugs Swing - $40 OBO
Pack-N-Play - $20 OBO

Deliver Atlanta or Moblie areas:
entire wardrobes of baby boy clothes, sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9.
Lots of 12-month clothes.
These can be purchased as wardrobes ($110 OBO for LJ, listed as $120 on craigslist) or by piece (will discuss price)
Will sell all three wardrobes and available 12-month clothing for $275 OBO

I also have a few size medium Huggabuns diapers in white, green, or blue. ($7 each)
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