My nursing story begins shortly after AJ was born. We were doing fine, but the pediatric nurse was a little crazy. I was an emotional WRECK, after my delivery did not go entirely as planned (some unwanted pitocin after 38 hours, and a VERY unwanted episiotomy), and then the pediatric nurse threatened not to discharge us unless I needlessly supplemented with formula. After a good cry, I made a post from AJ's dad's blackberry offereing ten thousand dollars (in spirit) to the first "boob nazi" to call me at the hospital. Four phone calls later, and I felt much stronger, and my sense of resolve was strengthened. The next time the nurse threatened to keep us at the hospital, I told AJ's dad that I might need him to go home and get more stuff, because we could be there for MONTHS. They discharged us the next afternoon.

Things went alright when we got home. At least, for a few weeks. My nipples were sore, but I was half expecting that. I was NOT expecting the ungodly thrush after I got over pneumonia. I tried EVERYTHING for it - nystatin, diflucan, probiotics, EVERYTHING. I finally combined the medications and supplements (yeast busters, acidophillus, capryllic acid) with a yeast elimination diet, and things got better after about a month.

Then came the mastitis from hell. I noticed the pain for the first time Friday evening. I was going to go to the doctor's office Monday, but by sunday morning, I had a lovely grapefruit-sized lump in the auxilliary tissue, and I couldn't even move my arm. I went on antibiotics, and had drains installed in my breast/armpit areas. I went in every other morning for irrigation and aspiration. Seventeen procedures later, it was FINALLY gone. That was in February, I believe.

I have since had mastitis six times, but now I know what to watch for and how to treat it at home before it gets too bad.

Oh what else? Let's see. I got my first postpartum period at six months, and my adenomyosis is back in force. Likes to about kill my supply for ten days out of the month, but between the Mother's Milk Tea, oatmeal, fenugreek, flax oil, and befriending my pump, I stave that off the best I can.

So, my son has been nursing for just over ten months now, and I doubt that he will want to stop any time in the next year. We both love the experience, and we are both better for it. He's been walking for almost two weeks, and his favorite new game is to WALK up to me and attack-nurse. It's rather adorable.

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Was this supposed to go in a "boob" comm? If not, I am glad you wrote your story. I was wondering what happened to you and how things were going with you and AJ. Good for you persevering through hell and back to give him what is truly needed. *pat on the back*

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I've been meaning to write it for a while, but who has TIME? Okay, maybe I had time, but I had no intarwebz! BAD! Booooooo. But now, lj and I are back together, and happily. I LOVE YOU LIVEJOURNAL.

Actually, yeah, I did mean to post here. I needed a link for the adopt_a_mom app :)

Also, I'm getting irritated with some very good friends who have one little issue and decide to quit nursing and then whinge to me about how OMGHARD nursing was! Dude. I KNOW. i've been there. I'm still doing it, and it only gets better with time.


And yeah, AJ needs breastmilk like nobody's business. There are too many allergies and illnesses in the family medical history to take chances. And seriously, ask him about it. He'll tell you.

"Hey, Jackie. Whatcha need?" "nummmm nummmm *pulls shirt* nummmmm" It's cute. Less cute when he starts doing it in church though. lol

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i am so proud of you. i dont know many women that would stick with it after going through so much. you are awesome!

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You know, I think the trick is just determination, perseverance, and prayer. AND WOMEN. Even when my doctor and the WIC specialist said "it's OKAY to stop, you know," I was just determined that I wouldn't. And I had some amazing women ([ profile] magdalene74, [ profile] lawngnome25, [ profile] isarma, [ profile] galadriel2006) who helped me remember that "this too shall pass."


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