You have $20 and the following items. You need to eat three meals a day for about two weeks. Your doctor has you on a high protien, low-carb, low-salt, low-fat, and low-cal diet. Eating the same thing over and over bores you. What do you make? What do you buy at the store with your $20?

Fifteen cans of tuna
2 lb bag of black eyed peas
2 lb bag of mung beans
1 lb bag of black beans
2 cans of corn
4 cans of green beans
8 cans of carrots
3 bags of frozen mixed vegetables
white rice
Four boxes of oatmeal
1 dozen eggs
1/2 corned beef brisket

Spice rack is full, and you have butter, white vinegar, red wine vengar, sugar, flour, and corn meal mix.

Have fun! (and thanks)

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I'd be buying some bran cereal at the store. And soymilk. Frozen blueberries. And whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta. You need some fiber.

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My flour is whole wheat. I wonder if it would be cheaper to MAKE a few loaves myself?

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Well, I'd start with a tuna-green bean casserole thing, and splurge on some french fried onions to put on top.

Some kind of mexican soup thing with the black beans, corn, rice (maybe an egg). In fact make enough that you can have it as a side dish with a couple meals and use the corned beef brisket to make sandwiches to go with it. Bam. Lunch for like a week. Or make less of it, and use the variety of veggies you have to make a different little soup every day.

A salad with the black eyed peas and different kinds of beans you have?

If you had some cabbage, corned beef and cabbage is always a winning team - and in the morning you can have corned beef hash if you throw a potato into the mix. Top with an egg for supreme yum.

Uh. I'm at a loss for what to try with the carrots aside from cooking them in sugary-syrup stuff and serving them that way as a side dish. Hrm. Maybe you can make some kind of dinner/pot pie with the carrots and mixed vegetables?

I'd suggest tuna patties and some corn bread and rice one day, but tuna patties by their nature are neither low-far or low-salt...

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I am having a naughty night on Wednesday. My priest is coming for dinner, and we're having backed macaroni and cheese (the only REAL mac and cheese!), green beans, and Yankee corn bread (cause he's a Yankee, and likes his corn bread to reflect that. lol).
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Black beans and rice is one of the easiest real-food meals ever thought of, and take or leave a bit of butter and salt.


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