I know I said I was done making cuts for a while, but apparently, "a while" isn't very long right now. Here's the deal:

I am in a very awkward place in my life to say the least, and I have a lot of things to think about and worry about and deal with. There is just a lot going on, and I can't deal very well with a lot of stuff - and livejournal has been stressing me out a bit lately. Things I would normally just shrug off are hurting my feelings or causing me stress, and I just don't need it. Right now, what I need is to be surrounded by - and ONLY surrounded by - a few more select people. It's hard to explain how I am deciding to make this cut, but suffice it to say that I need to be "with" people who can understand what I am going through, and who I trust to help me get through it.

Most of the rest of you, I do care about you, and I have enjoyed having you on my list, and I hate to cut you. Actually, it was a really hard decision to make, and I do plan to add most of you back once I am doing better. So I really hope that no one gets upset, hurt, or offended. This is just what I need to do right now to take care of myself.

If I cut you, you are welcome to leave me on your list for when I am ready to start adding people back.

Also, this is my "amnesty post."

Whether I cut you or not, if you feel any desire for any reason to drop me, I won't ask any questions, and I won't be upset. I would actually honestly prefer that you NOT give me a reason, because I just can't cope with that right now. Just leave me a comment, if you would, letting me know you're cutting me.

I hope you'll all understand that this cut is not about any of you. It really is about me, because I really am not feeling like I can deal with a whole lot right now.

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