Halley and Roger: You have two journals. You've each only posted from one within six months. I removed the others. Good idea? Or are you planning on using the other journals?

And my next cut: We never interact. We don't have much in common. I skim your entries, and you don't comment in mine. "Appeals" are always welcome - if you want to return to my list, comment and let me know.

From: [identity profile] angelwifey.livejournal.com

you do this all very systematically. i like that. i need to do that to mine as well.

From: [identity profile] nausved.livejournal.com

Not a problem. It's a lot of trouble writing for two journals, while I barely have enough to say in just one.

From: [identity profile] toddzgrrl02.livejournal.com

Why don't you just cut who you wanna cut and see if they even notice???

From: [identity profile] brotherskeeper1.livejournal.com

I have a couple of people who friended me and have posted twice in six months, but have never commented to me.

You'r right...I doubt they'd notice being cut.

From: [identity profile] burned-rose.livejournal.com

hehe - wanna do friends cuts for my LJ? I end up cutting a bunch of people and then they all want back on...and then I'm at a loss!

From: [identity profile] naqerj.livejournal.com

I use custom friend groups and only read from certain ones. There are whole groups of folks on my "friends" list that never get read at all! One only can do so much.

From: [identity profile] vianvamp.livejournal.com

well my policy most of the time is do whatever. One day they might notice and then they can ask you to be re-added

From: [identity profile] ivamae.livejournal.com

I do like to read your journal, never much of a commentor, but I will understand. Always the best to you :-)

From: [identity profile] eireknight.livejournal.com

I dig your journal. Sorry I don't post or reply much but I've been pretty busy lately. :)

From: [identity profile] starlancer.livejournal.com

I doubt I will use the other one. I originally had it, then I added this one to post about, well, things I didn't want some folks in TN to read. When one guy found this one I took it all Friends only (he'd already left LJ) and basically just use this one. If I use the other one at all it will be for some mundane crap more as cover than anything.

I'm not sure if the second paragraph was directed at me/us or not, but it's ok with me either way. We don't have much in common aside from knowing Az and maybe having been in the SCA at one point. I read over or skim most of your posts, but don't comment because I don't have much to say. The stuff about worries and, basically PTSD from Katrina I sympathize with, but there's not much to say. The spiritual stuff is sufficiently different I wouldn't comment any more than you would to mine. I respect it, but don't share enough to have anything to add.

I'm not offended if I'm cut, I'm not offended if I'm not. Be well either way. :-)

From: [identity profile] katiedarling.livejournal.com

We really don't have all THAT much in common, but I know you away from the wonderful wacky world of LJ, and I rather like you :) You're staying!

From: [identity profile] starlancer.livejournal.com

Okies, fine with me. If a Greek Orthodox and a Thelemite/OTO member can read LJ about the others "church" stuff and still get along, the world isn't ALL screwed up! ;-)

From: [identity profile] katiedarling.livejournal.com

I will never forget the somewhat religiously themed conversation on the night I met you... Or I will at least never forget Az's comment about agnostics and how you never here of people burning cities and blowing up schools to convince people to believe in "eh, nothing in particular." :)

From: [identity profile] starlancer.livejournal.com

Well, that's Az. Sometimes I think he'd like a religion just to be able to blaspheme effectively. It's just not the same, whacking your thumb with a hammer and yelling, "Ohhhh!! Silly and outmoded superstitious explanations for completely logical processes - dammit!"

From: [identity profile] brotherskeeper1.livejournal.com

From my point of view I don't understand a couple of people who have friended me and only posted twice in six months. They have never commented to anything I have posted.

Honestly, it makes me nervous to have people that you don't know if they even read your posts. I think I'm going to follow in your steps. If there's no interaction, no e-mails...there isn't any friendship there, just dead weight.

From: [identity profile] elegant-emily.livejournal.com

can i appeal?
i read your journal sometimes. Just not on my friends list cause sometimes you post like 15 posts in two days. hehe.