A brita (or similar) water pitcher thing. *got from ebay with the money [livejournal.com profile] croshay sent :)

Some paid lj time would rock.

Cool yarn/good yarn. Totally.

A hairdryer.

Polyfill or similar stuffing.

Bobbins for an old singer. Metal bobbins.

Money. Seriously. Paypal is my friend.

Bakeware. New. Used. Whatever.


Alarm Clock (Digital would own!)

A bottle of prenatal vitamins. Seriously. I have to switch from regular multivitamins to prenatals, and those things get expensive fast! Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] serendipitylove!! :)

Herbal teas, apple cider, and hot chocolate mixes.

Spice rack.

Gift cards. To anywhere. Really. Walmart, Autozone or O'Reileys, JC Penney, Sears, and the Exchange System (AAFES or NEX) are the best. Or gas cards. Yes.

Did I mention money? Seriously. Fundage gooooood.

Fabric and elastic.

Toothbrushes and razor blades (Mach 3 Turbo).

Passes to the movie theater. Cinemark is closest.

A photo album for pictures of my god-daughter.

Framed pictures of you! Yes, you! and your families. I love having pictures of my friends, and I don't have any! I want to put y'all on my friends and family wall. Seriously. I don't care how cheap the frames are, either. My colors are black, silver, and crimson, and I have dark-cherry stained mahogany stuff. so. There you go. Go to the dollar store, get a frame, frame a picture of yourself, and send it to me. Seriously. This is my favorite Birthday/Christmas wish.


Katie Stephens
100 Edmund Drive
Long Beach, MS 39560
(til Jan 1st)

Paypal email: katiedarling@cableone.net


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